As the largest art workers’ aggregate in Taiwan, Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT) upholds the faith of freedom, diversification, and open-minded equal rights since 1999. The Artist Fair Taiwan (former TAIWAN ANNUAL) was organized in 2002 and renamed in 2016, which has been challenging itself, trying different exhibition contents and forms every year. It has been exhibited in cultural and creative parks, historical districts, department stores, and Taipei Expo Park. In 2016-2018, it was once combined with art festivals such as “On Site” and “Nuit Blanche”. Every year, we are committed to providing creators with opportunities to connect with art lovers, professional communities, and international networks. As an annual exhibition focuses on equal rights, the Focal Annual section has open-called for many years without restrictions on identity and media, the Foster Annual section supports curatorials, and the Jury Prize promotes future development opportunities for creators , The Public Art Area and the Taiwan Contemporary Art Archives (TCAA) Area invite everyone to think about the development of life and art. In addition, we hold various activities and talks via international networks that the alternative, experimental or alternative art spaces are connected to perform together. Since 2002, TAIWAN ANNUAL has experienced drastic social evolution with everyone. In the past two decades, the Internet has comprehensively affected our lives and the diversified development of contemporary art. In the past two years, the virus has changed our lives. The most important part is that it made us realize more about the power of art is not depending on the physical or virtual existence, but is the inner essence re-examining, and the deeper understanding of the direction of the heart in the chaotic era, which equip us with stronger mutual sensibility of an uncertain future. 

In the past twenty years, the communication between the past and the future, the charm of art and the interaction between people have only increased. TAIWAN ANNUAL sincerely invites you to join the journey of contemporary visual art development in Taiwan for the next 20 years!

2022 Catalogue