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Alserkal Avenue是區域中具前瞻性的藝術中心,成立於2007年來促進和推廣區域性迅速發展的當代藝術創作。長遠的目標是要形塑一個有機且充滿創意性的社區。因為坐落在杜拜的產業發展區,街道上充滿了建築師設計的批發倉庫,整個區域中擁有許多散布各處的公共空間,因此集結了來自各種不同藝術領域的藝術家,鼓勵開放的言論、想法的分享、以及共同創作中理想的實踐。

Alserkal Avenue – the region’s foremost arts hub – was established in 2007 to encourage and support the region’s burgeoning contemporary art scene. Our aim is to foster an organic and prolific creative community in the UAE.Situated in Dubai’s industrial quarter, the Avenue is a cluster of architect-designed warehouses. It is home to interspersed public spaces that bring together collaborators from diverse artistic disciplines; encouraging open dialogue, sharing of ideas and a collaborative work ethic that can see these creative ideas come to life.

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