Abu Dhabi Art Hub

為阿拉伯聯合大公國第一個成立的藝術社群,專注於新興藝術家和成熟的藝術家,支持區域間、國際間視覺藝術的發展,更致力於跨文化藝術家之視覺藝術活動。作為國際與當地藝術家的發展平台,為了活絡當地的視覺藝術發展,Abu Dhabi Art Hub 舉辦藝術活動以反映不斷變化的當地藝文環境,並期待與更多藝術家在未來進行合作。


The first artist community to be established in the United Arab Emirates.
Focused on emerging and established visual artists from across the world,
Abu Dhabi Art Hub serves as a platform for interaction and cross-cultural artistic exchanges between national, regional and international artists. Abu Dhabi Art Hub encompasses perpetual activity for benefit of the community regarding the visual arts.

Support and advancement of art and artists is reflected in the founding of Art Hub in that the facility provides the “live – create – exhibit” platform for artists both locally and globally. Through an aggressive schedule of activities and events, Art Hub continues to engage the community at-large regarding the evolving Abu Dhabi art scene and, perhaps more importantly for the future, its artists.

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