Torun_Bestekar Street Ankara : Torun 2018 - (ongoing)


Torun* was born with the foundation of its space in Ankara in 2012. This space has become the roof where a community of artists, writers, academicians and thinkers got together. The need to think and exchange in an environment relatively distant to the obstacles of the capitalist market and rising political pressures was the similarity that gathered people from different backgrounds and practices. Reaching out new artists through open calls, the ascending community of Torun have become involved in its program making, exhibiting and cultivating the exchanges took place throughout its existence. Torun has evolved and is evolving with in this environment of interaction that is sustained collectively and voluntarily.In 2018, a new space was formed, with a focus on printed matters and their distribution. It organize workshops, lectures and talks, hosting exhibitions and performances. This new period is still ongoing and evolving with the newly participating individuals, especially from the disciplines of sound, music and literature.

*Torun (tr): Grandchild (en)

Text in this page is originally from Torun and has been translated and altered by AVAT.