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The Gool Lodge, which is located in Mirzapur, at the heart of the ‘Old City’ of Ahmedabad, was the home and studio of Bachuben Nagarwala, the first professionally trained hair stylist in the city of Ahmedabad.The Conflictorium – Museum of Conflict is housed in the Gool Lodge. The museum has seven experiential galleries on the ground floor, each designed to provoke conversations on conflict, not only out there, but also within.
In an increasingly polarized world, existing in binaries, where conscious division on the basis of identity has become the norm, the Conflictorium stands for the in-between, beyond the black and white, where the shades of grey are acknowledged and celebrated for the cause of peace. In doing so, we at the Conflictorium envision ourselves as a medium that helps build bridges creatively; highlighting how social change is possible through innovation.

Text in this page is originally from the official website of Conflictorium and has been translated and altered by AVAT.