Sharjah Art Foundation

位於沙迦歷史悠久的文化區,每年舉辦藝術活動,包括展出阿拉伯和國際藝術家的作品、表演藝術、音樂會、電影放映和藝術家講座,並有專為兒童、成人以及家庭所規劃的藝術教育項目 。Sharjah Art Foundation 每年舉辦年度三月會議,每兩年舉辦一次沙迦雙年展。


Located in Sharjah’s historic Art and Heritage Areas, Sharjah Art Foundation activities and events take place throughout the year and include exhibitions featuring the work of Arab and international artists, performances, music, film screenings and artist talks as well as extensive art education programmes for children, adults and families. The Foundation hosts the annual March Meeting and every two years presents the Sharjah Biennial.

原文出自 Sharjah Art Foundation 官方網站,由社團法人台灣視覺藝術協會整理翻譯。
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