Art Council of Mongolia

Art Council of Mongolia, event, Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival, 28 Jun 2018
  • Art Council of Mongolia, event, Миний мөрөөдөл, 15 Jun 2018 (

成立於2002年,蒙古藝術委員會(ACM),致力於蒙古文化和藝術的發展、宣傳和保存。主要透過四項計劃來執行:藝術、社群藝術教育、文化遺產的保護計畫,它也管理Red Ger藝術畫廊。

ACM was formed in 2002, The Arts Council of Mongolia exists to ensure that the art and culture of Mongolia is sustainably developed, promoted and preserved, and we achieve this by carrying out activities in four program areas: Arts, Community Arts Education, and Cultural Heritage and Development.

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