X-ist 在2004年成立,支持年輕和職涯中期的當代藝術家發展他們個人的創作版圖,也是第一個開放地接受年輕藝術家、並擔任他們職涯導師的土耳其藝廊。X-ist 廣泛參與各種具指標性的國際藝術展覽,並與多間國際美術館、藝廊等均有專案合作。


x-ist was established in 2004 as an art gallery to support both young and mid-career contemporary artists in their professional endeavors on universal ideas.
x-ist is the first Turkish gallery to embrace the mission of representing and mentoring young Turkish artists.
x-ist participates in leading international art fairs; regularly collaborates with international galleries, museums and institutions all around the world on various projects.

原文出自 X-ist 官方網站,由社團法人台灣視覺藝術協會整理翻譯。
Text in this page is originally from the official website of X-ist and has been translated and altered by AVAT.