• SALT RESEARCH, event, "Who's in town?", 19 Jun 2017 (


SALT will spread its Ankara-based research and programs, which began at SALT Ulus in April 2013, to different locations throughout the city. Exhibitions and public programs engaging with today’s urgencies will be presented within the existent cultural infrastructure, while research projects around Ankara’s multi-layered history will expand with collaborations. Addressing the imbalance of contemporary cultural activity across Turkey, SALT founded a base in the capital with the aim of stepping beyond the Istanbul-oriented agenda. In this new phase, SALT will broaden the scope and density of Ankara-wide collaborations with various initiatives, universities, and NGOs with the same aim.

Use of SALT Ulus as a venue has ended as of September; archival work and research on the city, as well as planning of programs and collaborations, will continue at SALT’s new office in Ankara.

SALT Galata is organized to enable a challenging, multi-layered program that includes SALT Research, which offers public access to thousands of print and digital resources; a 218-capacity Auditorium; Ottoman Bank Museum spreading throughout the floors with digital presentations; Office of Useful Art that focuses on expanding the potential of co-learning among the institution and the users; Workshops and exhibition spaces; as well as Neolokal and Robinson Crusoe 389.

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