NIV ART CENTRE 位於印度堡壘之城新德里南端外緣,與著名英迪拉甘地國立開放大學(IGNOU:Indira Gandhi National Open University)相鄰,位處風景茵茵如畫的阿拉瓦利(Aravalli)山群,這樣的地理位置與德里城內的熙來攘往保持肅穆的距離。Niv 如處子般靜靜的坐在古世界充滿魅力的大門口,為那些受創意靈感攫獲的人們,創造無數的奇異相遇。

NIV ART CENTRE 懷抱國家對於文化實踐的視野和願景,特別針對視覺藝術和新媒體藝術加以栽培,旨在增進提升藝術實踐所須的必要基礎。印度及世界各地的藝術實踐,面臨全球性文化及消費行為帶來的衝擊,正以激烈的速度轉變當中。其源自於前所未有的資訊科技大爆炸,以及都市化無情擴張的現象。除此之外,藝術越漸為人們所接受、在文化生活中的地位提升、並成為人們潛在的投資對象,也是造成此衝擊的原因。

考量上述諸多面向及其對於藝術實踐的影響,Niv 致力提供更具優質串聯潛力的實踐模式,提升各領域參與者的信心,使他們能自在地扮演個別的角色,如創作者/製作人、提供者/傳播者、觀眾/消費者等。NIV 為志在藝術領域耕耘的實踐者提供平台,希望能建立活絡的關係、消弭各藝術實踐之間本質上的歧異,同時延續藝術工作室歷史傳統的方針。


*2018 視盟「西亞南亞交流計畫」參與單位

NIV ART CENTRE is situated in the southern outer edge of the city of forts, New Delhi, neighbouring the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University, short named, IGNOU, at the threshold of lush green and picturesque Aravalli. That, keeping a dignified distance from the thickness of the rushing inner city squares of Delhi, NIV maidenly awaits a little far, at the entrance of the old world charms, and unveils its innumerable wonders, for those creatively possessed.

Gallery & Studios
NIV is an organization which is focused on facilitating the fundamental necessities for advancement of art practice particularly plastic arts and new media arts, with a national cultural vision and outlook on the cultural practice. Art practice in India as well as in the world has been changing in fast pace, coping with the impact of the present day globalized parameters on cultural, consumption, that is being affected by unprecedented explosion of information technology, relentless expansion of urbanization, apart from that the wider acceptance of art and its significance in the cultural life, and more a renewed interest in art products as an area of potential investments.

Considering all these aspects and their impacts in art practice, NIV art centre presents a mode of practice that gives better connectivity and confidence to each of the components to play their roles in the field conveniently as, creator / producer – provider / distributor – and audience / consumer. To establish this vital relationship and to bridge the gap in between these essential components of art practice the Niv Art Centre is prepared to provide a platform for the purpose, for aspiring players in the field, while keeping up the historical traditions of art studio disciplines.

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