作為一個慈善公眾信託基金會,Maraa 為坐落於邦加羅爾及德里之媒體與藝術集合體,其主要致力於三個領域的政治創新實踐:加強以人為中心的媒體平台,城市公共空間的使用和公眾對話的民主化,以及防止對婦女和青少年的性暴力。Maraa 亦強調公共空間中的創新實踐,並以「抵制和遊戲」作為其藝術課程之核心;其一年一度的藝術節則匯集不同學術背景的人們,在創造感性空間的同時,也激發新的想像力和思考模式。


Maraa: a Media & Arts Collective
We are a media and arts collective based in Bangalore and Delhi. Founded as a charitable public trust, our work is centred around a political yet creative practice across three domains – strengthening people-centric media platforms, democratising usage of urban public spaces and public discourse and preventing sexual violence against women and adolescents.
Our annual arts festival – October Jam aims to create sensuous spaces which provoke new imaginations and reflections. The festival brings together people from various backgrounds and disciplines.

Text in this page is originally from the official website of Maraa and has been translated and altered by AVAT.