「97KG 飛毯」徐瑞謙個展

97KG-magic-carpet 2019







97KG 飛毯
2019.04.27​ – 06.01

地點|福利社 FreeS Art Space
開幕|2019.04.27 (六) 16:30
座談 |2019.05.04 (六)16:00
藝術家|Joan pomero



1994 年出生苗栗,目前創作於臺灣臺北。


About Exhibition|

Flying, after rising, cannot fathom clearly, cannot feel the weight clearly. After the strong strength, depart for a distance lightly. Slightly, partly. Opened, propped.

Providing multiple clues, exploring in each different point.
Transforming the perspective, and the cognitive of material.
It can be misunderstood, but not the puzzle has to be solved.

Keep distance.48 centimeters cutting, 35 centimeters multiplied 4 hammering. Squeezing the spring in a 2 millimeters’ gap.

Doing, I have been doing on the objects. I left but still connect with them. The moment departed from the ground.
Fluctuation, descent, pushing forward in different directions.Unwilling, anxious. Missing why.

Continue to touch the mass; therefore, there is the least bit of difference.

Close to the window,
touch the glass by fingers,
pick up the soft curtain.
When tilt constructs balance,
sign, facing.

Found the statue between actions, materials, spaces.
Summoning from patchwork.

Hsu, Jui Chien Solo Exhibition
2019.04.27​ – 06.01

Venue|FreeS Art Space
Opening|2019.04.27 (Sat.) 16:30
Discussion |2019.05.04 (Sat.) 16:00
Talking With|Joyce Hao
Artist|Joan pomero

About Artist|

Hsu, Jui-Chien

Born in Miaoli. Work in Taipei, Taiwan.

We feel the world with our bodies and senses. Only creation can make the answer to the curiosity of the materials after the impact and actions. The spirit of the materials itself and the influence between the circulation are directly intimacy. It seems like they are waking the unknown consciousness or exploring the ambiguous contradiction.