Elektrozavod Gallery

Elektrozavod Gallery_Beauty : Liza Veselova


Elektrozavod 藝廊為一個非營利的實驗展演空間,位於前「遠程無線電通信研究所」的土地內。該空間的核心使命是在當代藝術領域完成不同的實驗計畫,並透過展覽、與藝術家的會議、藝術節及為廣泛的觀眾發掘新興藝術家來支持俄羅斯年輕藝壇。獨立於公共和私人機構的Elektrozavod藝廊由藝術家Leonid Larionov發起,並於2012年12月開幕。他招募志同道合的藝術家與朋友組成團隊,包括:莫斯科藝術學校(如MMOMA免費工作坊、莫斯科基督教國際神召會、巴扎研究所、羅琴科藝術學院)的畢業生和學生;建構展覽計畫平台的藝術家團隊歷經多次改變。由藝術家策劃展覽:除了個人的創作計畫,也同時身兼策展人,並廣邀請獨立策展人和創作者共同參與。我們200平方米的空間均分為展廳及開放的藝術家工作室。 我們並沒有總監和明確的分級制度。我們目前共有九個人, 之中有七位藝術家在工作室創作,其中有六位在不同的層面參與藝廊營運。每個參與者都可以為藝廊的活動提案,收到提案後我們會共同討論並安排展覽期程。心

Elektrozavod gallery is a non-profit experimental exhibition space located at territory of ex Research Institute of Long-range Radio Communication. Since the foundation main mission of the gallery has been to accomplish different pilot projects in the field of contemporary art and supporting Russian young art-scene through exhibitions, meetings with artists, festivals and discovering new names in art for the wide audience. Independent from public and private institutions Elektrozavod gallery was opened by the initiative of the artist Leonid Larionov in December 2012. He assembled a team of like-minded artists and friends: graduates and students of Moscow art schools such as MMOMA Free Workshops, ICA Moscow, Baza Institute, Rodchenko Art School. Group of artists that forming exhibition program of platform changed many times. Artists build exhibition plan themselves: in addition to the creation of individual projects, we rule our own group exhibitions as curators, invite independent curators and authors of personal projects. Our 200 square meters room is divided equally between the exhibition hall and the area of artists’ workshops open space. Actually, we have no director and clear hierarchy. Now we are 9 people. 7 people work in the workshops as artists, 6 people take part in the life of the gallery at different levels. Each of the participants can offer any activity for the gallery and we form the exhibition schedule after a collective discussion of the incoming proposals.

原文出自Elektrozavod Gallery,由社團法人台灣視覺藝術協會整理翻譯。
Text in this page is originally from Elektrozavod Gallery and has been translated and altered by AVAT.