2021年12月4日至2022年1月8日,來自台灣的社團法人台灣視覺藝術協會,與摩洛哥丹吉爾當地的獨立藝術空間 Mahal Art Space 聯合展出,以 Mahal Art Space 10月在2021年台灣當代一年展線上展的展覽主題《What Dies Last》出發,籌辦作為日前合作延續的實體展覽。本次展出邀請了摩洛哥本地藝術家 Mohamed Haïti、Ahmad Karmouni、Rahma Lhoussig、Réda Boudina、Diyae Bourhim、Mehdi Ouahmane、Imane Zoubai,以及入圍今年台灣當代一年展一年聚焦評審團獎20位藝術家之一的台灣藝術家鄭雅璇,在 Mahal Art Space 策展人 Nouha Ben Yebdri 的規劃下,共同在 Mahal Art Space 藝術空間實體展出他們的精彩作品,展開不同文化背景藝術間的對話。

        本次跨國交流、跨地展出、綜合線上與線下藝術活動的合作,始於社團法人台灣視覺藝術協會所發起的國際交流項目「西亞南亞交流計畫」,除了相互分享各國藝文生態、共學非營利的營運策略,促進多方對話與連結, 同時盼於未來建立長久的雙向交流模式,形塑出穩固的「國際夥伴關係網絡」。 此外,亦期許能藉此拓展大眾對藝術的既有想像,看見文化流動的可能性與多樣性。



        《What Dies Last》 是一個跨領域的共同展出,匯集了七位畢業於德土安美術學院的摩洛哥藝術家,展出他們的一系列作品。這群新一代年輕藝術家甫離開校園,即踏入了深受新冠肺炎影響的動盪世界,使他們的職涯發展面臨巨大挑戰。


        Mahal Art Space 是一個多面向、開放和實驗性的藝術空間,發想、設計並舉辦展覽、放映、工作坊和駐村等活動,盼促進對當今社會、生活方式和歷史的批判性反思,並協助藝術家和觀眾學習與發展。

Mahal 的目標是:

– 支持年輕/新興藝術家建立藝術事業。

– 為研究、生產、展示和交流提供空間和工具。

– 提供關懷和開放式討論,鼓勵批判性思維。

– 提出教育和折衷計劃。

– 以最多元和包容的方式探索藝術與教育的關係。



參展台灣藝術家 鄭雅璇




時間:2021.12.04-2022.01.08,週三至週五 16:00-18:00,週六 10:30-13:00、16:00-18:00

地點:Mahal Art Space (122 Av. Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Tanger, Morocco)

*展覽亦可事先預約前往,預約請以email、Facebook粉絲專頁、Instagram訊息或電話 +212 6 91 58 29 53 聯繫 Mahal Art Space。


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主辦單位:社團法人台灣視覺藝術協會、Mahal Art Space



The Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT) and Mahal Art Space, a Morocco based independent art space, cohosted an exhibition from December 4, 2021 to January 8, 2022. This physical exhibition is a continuance of Mahal Art Space’s online exhibition “What Dies Last,” which attended the TAIWAN ANNUAL in October, 2021. AVAT and Mahal Art Space jointly invited local Moroccan artists Mohamed Haïti, Ahmad Karmouni, Rahma Lhoussig, Réda Boudina, Diyae Bourhim, Mehdi Ouahmane, Imane Zoubai, and Taiwanese artist CHENG Ya-Hsuan,one of the 20 artists who were shortlisted for this year’s Focal ANNUAL Jury Prize for TAIWAN ANNUAL. Under the planning of Nouha Ben Yebdri, curator of Mahal Art Space, the artists will jointly exhibit their wonderful works in Mahal Art Space, and start a dialogue between different cultural backgrounds and arts.

The cooperation of transnational exchanges, cross-regional exhibitions, and integrated online and offline art activities began with the West Asia and South Asia Exchange Project initiated by AVAT. In addition to sharing the cultural ecology of various countries, learning non-profit operating strategies, and promoting multi-party dialogue and connection, AVAT also looks forward to establishing a long-term, two-way communication model in the future to form a solid international partnership network. AVAT also hopes to expand the public’s imagination of art and guides them to see the possibility and diversity of cultural flow.

“What Dies Last” is a multidisciplinary exhibition featuring a series of works by seven Moroccan artists, all graduates of the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan (INBA). They are part of the new generation of young artists who are beginning to take their first steps outside the academic framework, in an unprecedented moment, marked by the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, and by the consequences of this one on all the already existing crises. This phenomenon aggravates, even more, all the difficulties inscribed in the process of construction of the artist’s career.

From a general point of view, it is an exhibition that proposes to explore global and shared current issues from local perspectives, in order to take an active position in the construction of the future through artistic practices. At the same time, and more specifically, it is an invitation to focus on the difficulties faced by young artists, to delve into their concerns, as well as to develop a reflection on the opportunities that the current era offers in the Moroccan context to support and empower them.

Mahal Art Space is a multi-faceted, open, and experimental art space that conceives, designs, and hosts exhibitions, presentations, gatherings, screenings, workshops, and residencies, with the aim of promoting critical reflection on today’s society, lifestyle, and history. This space is intended as a place of learning and development for both artists and the audience. It offers artists a space for freedom of reflection and creation, as well as an opportunity to develop and promote their professional careers. For the audience, Mahal aims to be a committed space, from which to discover new narratives, alternative stories, and recondite places.

The Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT) is an intermediary non-profit organization. Since its establishment in 1999, AVAT has committed to developing and integrating existing resources in the visual arts environment, supervising government cultural policies, and supporting or planning related visual arts and innovation projects, recruiting professionals from various fields to provide professional consulting for individual artists, art groups and institutions. Through planning exhibitions, lectures, and promoting international exchange projects, AVAT has promoted art education in local communities and established art database, which help further promote art participation and art education of the public, and encourage the expansion of art exchanges and dialogues.



CHENG Ya-Hsuan was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She is currently studying for her master degree in the department of Contemporary Visual Culture and Practice at National Taiwan University of Arts. She has been participating in some art residency programs and several individual and joint exhibitions, and has been focusing on the relationships between life and time and that of people and consciousness. CHENG uses ready-made objects, video, audio and behavioral arts as the main medium to create her works and develop art series accordingly.


What Dies Last: Mahal Art Space X AVAT

🕒Opening Hours🕒

Wed – Thu – Fri: 4pm-6pm

Sat : 10:30 am-1pm / 4pm-6pm

You can also visit the exhibition by appointment. Please contact Mahal by email, Facebook, Instagram or at +212 6 91 58 29 53

Organizer: The Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT), Mahal Art Space

Sponsor: Ministry of Culture in Taiwan

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