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1After320 為著重於增進藝術可能性於商業領域之外的非營利組織。透過策畫編程、合作與夥伴關係,1After320旨在透過擴展批判性談話與教育活動,與Exhibit 320作結合。1After320 支持公共節目與多元的互動平台,包含重新發想展覽模式、舉辦電影放映會及座談等,好達成民眾參與的目的。該組織亦為促進印度及海外當代藝術的發展提供一個新的平台。


1After320 is a non-profit initiative focusing on increasing the possibilities of art beyond the commercial realm. Through curated programming, collaborations and partnerships 1After320 aims to expand critical discourse and educational initiatives in conjunction with the programming at Exhibit 320.1After320 supports public programming that includes various multi-disciplinary and interactive platforms that support and envision alternatives to conventional commercial shows. This ranges from re-imagining exhibition models, ephemeral installations, film screenings, lectures and talks with an aim to further public engagement. 1After320 accepts proposals from individuals and non-profit organizations to widen the scope of the art that is shown in Delhi beyond what is supported by galleries and without a commercial agenda. It provides a platform for new voices from both India and abroad to engage and contribute to the development of Contemporary Art in the region.

Text in this page is originally from the official website of 1After320 and has been translated and altered by AVAT.