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jog alternative art space

2012年於孟加拉吉大港成立,是由藝術家主導的公共藝術平台,目的為服務視覺藝術創作者,希望增加藝術家、社運人士和大眾之間的交流。一年一度的cheragi art show是該組織最具規模的計畫,Cheragi是位於吉大港的一個街區,在展覽期間以限地創作的方式集結來自各方領域的藝術家。


Jog Alternative Art Space is an artist-led platform for visual artists. It was founded in 2012 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Jog Art Space, the initiator of CAS is a platform for public art, intending an exchange among artists, activists and viewers. We have started our journey in 2012 through Cheragi Art Show (CAS). CAS came into being in a bid to bring out the art from the confined world of institutions to the reach of
people crosscutting different classes.

原文出自jog alternative art space官方網站,由社團法人台灣視覺藝術協會整理翻譯。
Text in this page is originally from the official website of jog alternative art space and has been translated and altered by AVAT.