Center of Contemporary Art-Tbilisi

Center of Contemporary Art-Tbilisi

提比里斯當代藝術中心 (CCA Tbilisi) 是一間獨立的非營利機構,自2009年開始耕耘藝術、文化與社會領域。CCA Tbilisi發展面向多元,核心項目是教育與展覽實踐、研究計畫、駐村計畫、藝術三年展,以及社會創新活動。CCA Tbilisi作為一個據點,提供國際性、地區性、當地的藝術工作者、策展人、藝術家、學生或是喜愛藝術的人,因不同的理由及目標在此產生連結或合作。CCA Tbilisi是以喬治亞為中心的藝術樞紐,與世界各地相關的組織連結、合作。CCA Tbilisi最具代表的特色,是透過再生計畫,積極與當地和國際間進行諮詢,開創新的教育與社區實踐方法,將藝術思維轉化為社會現實。在這些領域耕耘十年之後,CCA Tbilisi創立一個新的機構 – 喬治亞第一個藝術和創新基地,將於2020年1月開始運作。


*2019、2021 視盟「西亞南亞交流計畫」參與單位

The Center of Contemporary Art-Tbilisi (CCA Tbilisi) is an independent, non-profit institution which works in the fields of art, culture and society since 2009. The organization works in several directions and its most important components are Educational and Exhibition Practice, Research Programs, Art Residencies, Triennial, and Social Innovation activities.CCA Tbilisi works as a station, where people working in international, regional and local art scenes, curators, artists, students and people simply interested in art can connect and collaborate for different reasons and goals. The center is acting as a hub in Georgia, linking and working with similar organizations around the world.The most defining characteristic of CCA Tbilisi is its ability to shift artistic thinking into social reality by implementing re-vitalization projects, actively consulting regionally and internationally, initiating new formats of education and community practices.

原文出自 Center of Contemporary Art-Tbilisi,由社團法人台灣視覺藝術協會整理翻譯。
Text in this page is originally from Center of Contemporary Art-Tbilisi and has been translated and altered by AVAT.