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Back ART Foundation

Back ART Foundation 即使面對獨自在達卡發起當代藝術計畫的龐大挑戰,仍不畏艱難於2013年成立,自此致力於揉合文化遺產與當代文化,集結多方力量組織活動,擴大達卡的藝術視野。這些活動也是新銳當代藝術家拓展長才的機會,讓以往被傳統藝術機構視為太具野心的實驗性與表演性作品,能藉此機會躍上城市舞台。

Back ART深信藝術改變世界的力量,透過多元風貌的活動在孟加拉推廣新的藝術語言;活動囊括展覽、工作坊,以及近期的國際表演藝術節「達卡現場藝術雙年展(D’LAB)」。

Back ART Foundation期許將藝術帶給普羅大眾,透過籌備創新性的公共藝術計畫,以推廣新興藝術家,激發年輕人的潛力並提供成長機會。Back ART亦在多元領域中建立獨創性的藝術計畫,議題觸及神話與農村生活型態、都市化、難民與移民、記憶、語言和表演等,使藝術家能結合科學和藝術的各個領域揮灑靈感。

Back ART年度計畫:
1. D’LAB:兩年一度的表演性活動
2. Native MYTH:農村地區的短期駐村藝術家活動
3. Urban HOURS:著眼都市化的公共藝術計畫
4. ART&SCIENCE:學生工作坊
5. SONGLAAP:表演工作坊


*2018 視盟「西亞南亞交流計畫」參與單位

Despite the challenge to initiate contemporary art projects in Dhaka alone, Back ART Foundation was formed in 2013 as an endeavour to link heritage with modern culture, to combine diverse forces and to develop activity which would open up the city’s art scene, providing emerging contemporary artists opportunities to expand their practice, and to exhibit their experimental and performative work deemed too ambitious for conventional institutions.

Believing in the transformative power of art, the group promotes new languages for art within Bangladesh by developing a variety of programmes ranging from exhibitions, workshops, and to the recent international performance art festival, Dhaka Live Art Biennale (D’LAB).

Back ART Foundation envisions bringing art to the public; and it organizes innovative public art projects, where emerging and young artists are allowed to flourish and develop their full potential. Back ART creates innovative art project on diverse fields including mythology & rural lifestyle, urbanization, refugee & migration, memories, and language & performance, where artists incorporate various disciplines of both art and science.

Back ART Yearly Projects:

1. Dhaka Live Art Biennale (D’LAB), a bi-annual performance event.
2. Native MYTH, a short term artist-in-residence in rural areas.
3. Urban HOURS, a public art project on urbanization.
4. ART&SCIENCE, workshop for school student.
5. SONGLAAP, performative workshops.

原文出自Back ART Foundation官方網站,由社團法人台灣視覺藝術協會整理翻譯。
Text in this page is originally from the official website of Back ART Foundation and has been translated and altered by AVAT.