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於1999年,由當地的藝術家Salkhab Mammadov教授成立。作為亞塞拜然首批私人藝廊之一,Salkhab爲許多當前著名、初學藝術家、雕塑家、攝影師提供藝術實驗的機會。透過支持當代藝術,藝廊旨在讓觀眾熟悉亞塞拜然的藝術,培養大眾對當代藝術的藝術品味並形塑藝術市場。巴庫的Q藝廊與柏林的巴庫美術館成功實施與舉辦許多展覽、策展計畫、學生競賽,並參與國際藝術節、雙年展等等。


Q Gallery was founded in 1999. People;s artist of Azerbaijan, prorfessor Salkhab Mammadov
opened the gallery. Salkhab Mammadov practically gave an opprotunity for artistic experiments of many famous and the then beginner talented artists, sculptors and photographers. By supporting actual directions of contemporary art and identifying a vector of its development, the gallery seeks to familiarize the viewer with the art of our country Develop an artistic taste and form the art market of contemporary art of Azerbaijan, which is important for the activity of the gallery. Q Gallery in Baku and Berlin – Baku in Berlin successfully implement numerous exhibitions, curator projects, contests among students and take part in the organization of international festivals, biennials, etc.

Text in this page is originally from the official website of Q-Gallery and has been translated and altered by AVAT.